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Collaborative Creations To Inspire

Exhibitors and designers join forces to create captivating installations that showcase the exhibitor’s materials in innovative ways. Through creative collaboration, these installations go beyond traditional boundaries, transforming materials into unique spatial experiences on products. Exploring these installations will provide inspiration and insight into the endless possibilities of design.

Featured Design Installation

RiX 2023

Whisper of Timber

by Ar. Esmonde Yap & Lumbermart

Each curve and bend tells a story of wood’s inherent grace and power. The inspiration came from the peeling of the wood, which celebrates the curvature and the brand’s craftsmanship with hardwood.

RiX 2018


by Dion Vercoe & Luxx Newhouse

Inspired by the use of solid surfaces for a window display in a wedding studio, this installation juxtaposes hard materials to depict soft and flowy elements, offering a fresh perspective on design and creativity.