Why RiX?

Why you should be at RiX?

RiX is an annual showcase celebrating the most spectacular, show-stopping designs and products that are displayed in unique settings that are rarely seen. Exhibitors will command all attention with their most beautiful or newest products that will be carefully curated by a team of designers who will work together with them in bringing out the best of their exhibition stands.

From the concept and layout, to different levels of lighting and the flow of the space, exhibitors will get to showcase their brands and products in a refreshing way that’s never been seen before! Additionally, designers will enjoy specialised workshops featuring new tools and technology to further enhance their professional skills and practice.

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What They Said About RiX?

RiX is an amazing platform that provides every designer and supplier the same opportunity to challenge themselves and include creativity to bring forth refreshing ideas that connects their designs to the booth, like a story.


Palladio Interiors Sdn Bhd

The Design Installations are an eye opener! It is an exhibit that is not just a creative way to showcase products to designers and exhibitors alike, but also to engage with us, open our minds and to look at how much potential different materials can have in this creative design industry

Ar. IDr. Chin Pak Loong

Chinpakloong Architect

RiX is a perfect platform for industry partner to designers and suppliers which all come together to think out of the box and discover new ideas that benefits the industry.

Ar. Dexter Koh


A great initiative from the design community as we’re not just showing products for commercial reasons. With designs that are original, it impresses people and it becomes a great joy for both the brand and the designer when you see the art piece come to life


Luxx Newhouse Furniture Sdn Bhd

Having a platform that specifically focuses on design like RiX is sheer joy for designers to experience spaces that are uniquely presented.

IDr. Mohamad Faisal Ghazali

MIID President

RiX helps connect suppliers and manufacturers with designers and professionals for collaboration.

Dion Vercoe

Palladio Interiors

RiX is the ONE AND ONLY exhibition of its kind here!

Ar. IDr. Chin Pak Loong

MIID Council Member
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