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RiX is the Design Hub that brings together a leading collection of interior brands, key opinion leaders & designers to drive the design industry forward in Malaysia & the region.


  • 27 - 30 OCT 2022
  • 10 AM - 8 PM

Creative Design Hub By Designers For Designers

By elevating the interior design industry to the next level, RiX serves as the bridge and impetus to inspire and bring to the forefront new technology and techniques for design improvisation.

RiX presents an opportunity for exchange while showcasing products and creations that enables the celebration of creativity, craftsmanship, design thinking and emerging talents!


A Place To Build Impactful Connections That Matter

RiX connects creative minds, key opinion leaders and interior designers from across the Southeast Asia region to mingle and exchange design dialogues in a series of electrifying events, including RiX Expo, REKA conferences, forums, trade talks, industry meetings, cocktail parties and award presentations.

A Creative Powerhouse of Synergy

Jointly organised by the Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers (MIID) and C.I.S, RiX is a creative platform acting to connect international and regional industry players, exhibitors and the mass market to a one-stop solution meeting point.

RiX aspires to be the leading design fair in the region bringing visitors including interior designers, architects, retailers, agents and design-savvy buyers from across Southeast Asia to draw inspiration, network and trade at this new four-day event.

- IDr Lai Siew Hong, MIID President

3 reasons to be a part of RiX

Build connections that matter

Design is all about context and defining how people’s demands should be met. At a one-stop solution central hub, drive crucial dialogues like these and develop meaningful partnerships with like-minded peers and industry changemakers from across Southeast Asia.


RiX, jointly organised by the Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers (MIID) and C.I.S, is a creative platform where the design community can congregate to share design dialogues in a series of energising events such as RiX Expo, REKA conferences, forums, trade talks, and industry meetings.


Are you a passionate designer in search of innovative collaborations and unique techniques to transform spaces? RiX is a hub for designers to discover the newest and buzziest interior design ideas from a diverse range of international businesses.

Meet them at rix

  • Interior Designers
  • Architects
  • Developers
  • Contractors
  • Hoteliers, F&B and Hospitality Providers/Owners
  • Retailers & Merchandisers
  • Property Investors & Owners
  • Product Designers
  • Buyers
  • Specifiers
  • Traders, Dealers & Distributors
  • Academics & Students
  • Homeowners

They are looking for your solutions

Bath & Sanitaryware and Accessories

Bedding Design & Decorative Arts

Ceiling Materials Systems & Finishes

Ceramic Tiles, Stones and Accessories

Designer & Architectural Lightings and Fittings

Floor & Wall Coverings, Materials, Systems and Finishes

Furniture Design, Fittings & Accessories for Residential, Commercial, Hotel, Leisure & Entertainment Establishments

Interior Architectural Finishes, Materials and Systems

Interior Design Fixtures & Finishes, Fabrics, Interior Soft Goods and Accessories

Kitchen Specialist & Equipment

Intelligent & Interactive Digital Home Solutions

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Have to say about RiX

Find plenty of

Common ground &
shared experiences

with industry experts you can grow with, and be inspired by

Colin Seah

Founder & Design Director - Ministry of Design, Singapore

REKA Conference 2019 Speaker

The exhibition captured a wide variety of exhibit profiles. It is an eye-opening experience for designers.

We, designers always need to know what is latest and what is available and sometimes we donโ€™t have time to entertain different buyers on a day-to-day basis.

Having a one-stop exhibition where we can source and discover is great.

Everybody involved in the industry should attend the conference โ€“ we only can learn together that is why I am attending this kind of conferences abroad, not only it is fun to learn in a new city but because

I believe that the future can only be built if we communicate and exchange ideas and not get stuck in our way of thinking;

because we learn that there is challenge and many different answers given by people from different cultural backgrounds.

Peter Ippolito

Ippolito Fleitz Group GmbH, Germany

REKA Conference 2019 Speaker

Prof Dr Azizi Bahauddin

Universiti Sains Malaysia

REKA Conference 2019 Speaker

RiX opened up a lot of eyes, especially to the new technology, ideas and to what is happening outside in the world.

From here, they will know what can be done in Malaysia and applied in Malaysia.

It is the kind of platform where we share our design and experience

with the younger designers and to encourage them to interact with each other.

Jazzbi Chew

Zcube Designs


Arising from the possibilities accelerated by the post-pandemic, what kind of design ideas could contribute to these shifting and new needs and behaviors? How do we create design that resonate with these new conditions catalysed and accelerated by the global pandemic? How does the pandemic affect the spatial planning, materials, project timelines, business models amongst others?

This year REKA Conference 2022 gathers a group of creative thinkers to share their thoughts, approaches, interventions, and prepositions that has brought about positive change amidst the shifts, opportunities and possibilities. Ready to make that change, creating a rebirth, reborn and renaissance.

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