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Nurtureknots by CK

Stand No. : M9

Brand Story :

Nurtureknots , one of the pioneer Macramé maker in Malaysia founded by Charmaine Kamal. All products are hand made with lots of love and attention to details.

Charmaine is a macramé artist based in Kuala Lumpur with a long history of exploring different crafts. Nurtureknots started out as a creative side project on Instagram back in 2017, but quickly developed into a small business as demands for purchases started coming in.

Since early 2017, Nurtureknots has been selling hand made macramé in art market, events and online platform with most international customers from all over the world. As interest in macramé kept on growing, Charmaine also started hosting workshops and selling DIY products to spread the love for this addictive and beautiful crafts.