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Backley by Lumbermart

Stand No. : 7C148

Brand Story :

For every story told in a piece of wood, yours is waiting to be crafted into bespoke artisanal furniture. Introducing Backley by LUMBERmart, a collection of stunning furniture that draws upon a proud heritage of fine woodworking and unparalleled craftsmanship.

Each Backley creation carries with it the core of LUMBERmart’s design ethos, combining traditional wood joinery techniques with an exclusive range of wood carefully handpicked for their one-of-a-kind natural grains and characteristics.

Through the use of heavy-duty, state-of-the-art machinery, LUMBERmart and its team of master wood artisans trim planks to precise measurements, where every pieces are meticulously positioned, glued together, and polished by hand.

The result is a unique masterpiece, custom-made in accordance to your choice of wood, design and dimensions, so you can be sure your Backley furniture is truly like no other, crafted to inspire any living or working space and built to last for generations to come.